The Best Alexandrite Engagement Rings for Every Budget


If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring with a unique style, consider Alexandrite. Alexandrite is an incredibly rare gemstone with striking color-changing properties that can take your partner’s breath away. From breathtaking solitaires to romantic three-stone designs, these stunning gems are becoming increasingly popular for those wanting something special to symbolize their love. Whether you’re on a budget or searching for something extravagant, you’re sure to find an Alexandrite engagement ring as beautiful and one-of-a-kind as your soon-to-be fiance.

What to Look for When Shopping for an Alexandrite Ring 

Here are 5 things to consider when shopping for Alexandrite engagement rings online:

1. Color: Alexandrite gemstones come in a wide range of colors, from bright green to deep purple. Choose a stone whose color complements your partner’s skin tone and style preferences.

2. Clarity: The clarity of the gemstone is important, as it affects how much light it can reflect. Look for stones that are free of blemishes or inclusions, and opt for higher clarity grades like VVS or VS if possible.

3. Cut: The cut of the diamond is what sets off an Alexandrite engagement ring. Opt for cuts such as princess and cushion cuts that will maximize brilliance and sparkle on your finger.

4. Setting: The setting of the ring is also important. Consider a halo or three-stone setting for maximum impact, or opt for something more subtle if desired.

5. Budget: Last but not least, consider your budget when shopping for an engagement ring. You’ll find Alexandrite engagement rings to fit any budget at  – from affordable solitaires to luxurious diamond halo styles and beyond.

Popular Alexandrite Engagement Rings For Every Budget

Here are a few of the popular Alexandrite engagement rings for every budget.

1. For Budget-Conscious Buyers:

The Samara Alexandrite Solitaire ring is a stunning yet affordable option for couples on a budget. This classic solitaire features a 0.50-carat round brilliant cut Alexandrite gemstone in a simple and elegant four-prong setting.

2. For Mid-Range Shoppers:

If you’re looking for something with more sparkle, check out the Alana Three Stone Alexandrite Ring. This romantic design features an eye-catching center stone surrounded by two sparkling side stones set in 14k white gold. It’s perfect for adding extra dazzle to your engagement ring!

3. For Luxury Lovers:

For those seeking the best of the best, the Eden Alexandrite Halo Engagement Ring is a stunning choice. This ring features an exquisite 2-carat emerald cut Alexandrite gemstone surrounded by a halo of conflict-free diamonds set in 18k white gold. It’s sure to take her breath away!

What Are Some of the Top Trends for Alexandrite Engagement Rings?

One of the hottest trends in Alexandrite engagement rings is halo settings. This style features a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds set in a circle, making it appear larger and more eye-catching. Three-stone rings are also popular because they symbolize your relationship’s past, present, and future. And solitaires are still a classic choice for those who prefer minimalistic designs.

The benefits of Buying Alexandrite Engagement Rings Online

Here are 5 reasons why shopping for an Alexandrite engagement ring at is the right choice:

1. Largest Selection: With a wide range of styles, settings, and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Affordable Prices: Shopping online allows you to browse through thousands of options in one place without breaking your budget.

3. Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable staff can provide personalized advice on which style is best suited for your partner and price range.

4. Secure Payment Options: Shop with confidence knowing that your payment information is secure and encrypted when making purchases at our site.

5. Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $200, so you can get your ring delivered right to your doorstep.

Make a statement with an Alexandrite Engagement Ring from! Whether you’re searching for a classic solitaire or something more elaborate, we have the perfect Alexandrite engagement rings for every budget and style. At, you can shop a wide selection of high-quality Alexandrite engagement rings to suit every style and budget. With free shipping on all orders in the US, you’re sure to find the perfect unique, and romantic engagement ring for the love of your life.  Shop now to find the perfect Alexandrite engagement ring!


For many years, Alexandrite has been a popular choice for couples looking for something special and unique to symbolize their love. Whether you’re on a budget or searching for something extravagant, there are plenty of stunning Alexandrite engagement rings available to choose from. From breathtaking solitaires to romantic three-stone designs, you’re sure to find an Alexandrite ring as beautiful and one-of-a-kind as your soon-to-be fiance. Shop the beautiful selection of Alexandrite rings at today and make her dreams come true! Shop now at and find the perfect match!

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